Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney are two of the most suave guys in Hollywood. A few days ago the Coub of The Day featured them strutting their stuff to the Bee Gees.

Just a few days later, some of our users recreated the scene with absolute precision. The suits, the gestures, the props.

First of all, this is awesome. It’s such a simple idea, but we haven’t seen anything like it on Coub before. Everyone has some kind of video camera nowadays, and it doesn’t take too long to film a 10 second clip. In fact, it’s a cool way to get into the mind of a great director like Robert Rodriguez, or an actor like Clooney. You copy camera angles, you copy movements, and you start thinking about why those angles and movements were chosen.

So you can use Coub as a way of practicing all sorts of film-related skills, whether you’re imitating the masters or not.

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Ever wanted to see all the coubs made from the same video? Now you can. When you click on the link to the source video, you now get a list of every other coub made from that source.

Why is this useful?

1: Finding the right coub is even easier.
Let’s say you’re looking for the perfect coub made from the latest viral hit. You find one, but you don’t like it. Now you can just click on the source video and you’ll be able to find one that you do like.

2. Now you’ll know if your coub is original.
And if you don’t find one you like, you can make a good one yourself. You’ll know that your idea hasn’t already been used, because you’ve already seen the coubs made from that source.

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Ever wanted to collect all of the coubs with a certain theme in one place? Previously you would have had to set up two separate accounts. Which is, ugh, so time-consuming. But now you can set up as many channels as you like with the click of a button. Click on the small arrow beside your profile pic (top right of the screen), and you’ll see the “Add new channel” button.


When you click it, you’ll be asked to name your new channel, and then you should choose an appropriate cover photo and profile pic, just like you did when you set up your first channel. You can also choose to link a separate account to this channel, with the “attach existing channel” button, pictured below.



So, now you can have a channel dedicated to David Lynch, or cats, or baseball. Whatever you want. But how do we go about using our channel?

It’s really simple to manage your channels. When you click Recoub, you’ll now have the choice of which channel will recoub.

Sometimes you don’t want to clutter your main channel with loads of coubs on the same theme. Users don’t really like “feed hogs” who recoub 10 or more coubs in quick succession. So now you can recoub (and make coubs) with your specialised channels first, and if you want you can recoub with your main channel at a better time.

Important to remember: when you click “like”, the coub will be liked by whichever channel you’re logged into.     
But mainly this is about giving users more control over how the site is organised. And it really helps people with similar interests find eachother and develop the community.

Have fun.

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