People are getting scared. The US may be facing an Ebola outbreak. There could be infected people at large in Dallas

Let’s take a close, and I mean really close look at the virus itself.
The super-talented folks at Visual Science have made a strangely beautiful and also very creepy loop of the Ebola virus. The whole video is here.

Visual Science specialize in creating scientifically accurate 3d models and illustrations for biotech, nanotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Their work is featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, and Scientific American, to name just the most high-profile places.

They’ve created a channel on Coub to showcase their work: Looped with excellent music selection their animations become catchy little snapshots of the weird wonders of biology.

Frank Sinatra sings about hyaluronic acid

How an eybrow works

Spinning antibody

Ouch. Skull fracture

Where is my mind?

Find out more about Visual Science at their website.

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The internet went crazy recently when it was rumoured that Studio Ghibli was shutting down. Thankfully, they’re just taking a well-deserved break.

However, even if Ghibli did shut down, there’s a huge amount of equally awesome anime out there. But let’s start with the current king of anime, Miyazaki.

Here’s a Miyazaki-related bonus: Fox ADHD’s cute little parody of Totoro.

But Miyazaki isn’t everything.

Akira, anyone?

Ghost In The Shell

Breathtaking beauty from the work of Makoto Shinkai

Satoshi Kon’s influence

Weird Eroticism

Schoolgirls. Lots and lots of schoolgirls

Magical Madoka (Drunk Homura)

Kill La Kill / Talk Dirty Mashup

Um. Boobs


Alright, let’s finish with the cutest one:

Follow the Anime channel for more.

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So it finally happened. The Simpsons met the Griffins.

The verdict on the episode has been somewhat mixed. But I think we can all agree there’s something special about seeing two groundbreaking series cross paths.

And if the Family Guy crossover wasn’t enough or you, there’s the Simpsons / Futurama crossover to look forward to in the near future. Awesome.

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