Coub is a great medium for demonstrating animation skills. When a clip is looped, the viewer can really appreciate the artistry and often painstaking work that goes into each frame.

Check out the darkly comic “Man skeleton man”, featured on the Loop Animation channel. It’s a perfectly horrifying, perfectly hilarious cyclical animation, and there really is no medium other than Coub that could accomplish this so simply and efficiently.

There are quite a few animators who have established strong followings on Coub with work that is perfectly suited to being looped. One such exceptional talent using Coub to her advantage is Chemical Sister. Her drawings have the detail of fine art, and these drawings are augmented with simple but beautiful animation. The musical accompaniments are really well chosen too – the surreal but melodic electronic and acoustic sounds really harmonize with the strangeness of the animations.

Another animator of oddness is Max Litvinov. Max demonstrates how Coub can be used to create psychedelic moving wallpapers that – in the case of the coub below – march on and on and on.

Again, with the right choice of music, the animator can really bring their ideas to life and keep viewers’ eyes fixed to the screen.

If you’re an animator and want to quickly get your work viewed by thousands (or more), Coub is an obvious choice. The instant feedback from other coubists will give you a sense of what strangers think of your work, and this can be a real confidence-boost (if that’s necessary). Build a strong reputation on Coub and your channel could even be part of your portfolio, to be shown to potential employers or producers. It’s hard to imagine the employer who wouldn’t be impressed by the channels mentioned above. Of course, there are plenty of coubs dedicated to animations which are already famous. But these are of obvious interest to animators too: as we mentioned above, when clips are looped we have time to really take in all the details, and also think carefully about rhythm and timing. There are channels dedicated to Anime, Adventure Time, Family Guy, and loads more.

We see Tom and Jerry in a whole new light when they’re coubed:

So, whether you’re an animator who wants to reach a potential audience of millions, or just get inspired by masters of the craft, get coubing.

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Take a look at the new page for featured channels. There are about ninety channels to choose from and more are being added. It’s already incredibly diverse - from Anime to Animals, or monochrome to VHS & Glitch. We’re also featuring coubists who’ve built strong followings with a steady stream of quality coubs.

Follow any channels which seem enticing and your eyes and ears will thank you for it.

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GIFs are fun, but they lack audio and quality video-resolution. Youtube is fun, but sometimes you wish you could linger on your favourite image a little, maybe loop it infinitely. Instagram is fun, but let’s face it – it’d be more fun if those pictures moved and had sound. Like this:

The Living Photos channel features coubs which often fulfill the desire that photography originally fulfilled (i.e. preserving a brief moment forever), except that these images are animated and contextualised with audio. These coubs often have an uncanny quality: they can warp the briefest of moments into infinite durations, leaving us with no sense of beginning, middle or end. In short, they move like video, but they invite the kind of contemplation more often associated with photographs or paintings.

Sometimes these coubs can be very subtle:

And sometimes they can be explosive:

With the right choice of audio, the briefest of clips can be transformed into living, breathing worlds:

So, how do you get recoubed by Living Photos and have your coub viewed by more than 6000 followers? It’s usually good if the camera is static, just like a photo-camera. It also helps if just one item in the frame is moving, while everything else is stationary. This creates an uncanny mix of stillness and movement, photography and video, snapshot brevity and infinite duration.

If the movement in your clip is slow but noticeable, try using coub’s reverse button to create seamless repetition, matching the start and end of your loop to the start and end of the movement:

Well, if none of that has inspired you, all I can do is leave you with Chris, his teacup, and that withering gaze of his.

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