As you probably know already, you can upload any video to coub as long as it’s no longer than ten minutes and no larger than 200 megabytes. But, again, as you probably know, a lot of the best coubs come from films that are more than an hour long. Of course you can just stick to making coubs from youtube or vimeo clips, but your channel will lack the range that gives the more popular channels their edge.

If you’re wondering how to go about making your own custom clips, don’t worry, it’s not difficult at all.
All you need to do is open the film you want to take a clip from in VLC Media Player, and hit the record button at the start of the section you’d like to record (circled in the picture below).


Just hit the record button again to stop recording. The recorded file usually ends up in your videos folder.

Of course there are more advanced forms of trimming that this doesn’t cover. For example, what if you want to remove a section from the middle of the clip you want to upload? Or maybe you want to join two clips from different movies, like this:

A great tool for accomplishing both of these things is Avidemux. Avidemux has become a favourite tool for accomplishing the glitch effect known as datamoshing, but it can be used for much simpler things like converting, splitting and joining videos, as well as applying some basic filters (adjusting colours and brightness for example). There’s a very useful wiki on how to do these things here.

As you’ve probably guessed, the possibilities here are endless. Whether you want to achieve similar effects to those of old innovators of montage like Sergei Eisenstein, or just want to create a simple but compelling juxtaposition, you have everything you need in avidemux.

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Coub is a great medium for demonstrating animation skills. When a clip is looped, the viewer can really appreciate the artistry and often painstaking work that goes into each frame.

Check out the darkly comic “Man skeleton man”, featured on the Loop Animation channel. It’s a perfectly horrifying, perfectly hilarious cyclical animation, and there really is no medium other than Coub that could accomplish this so simply and efficiently.

There are quite a few animators who have established strong followings on Coub with work that is perfectly suited to being looped. One such exceptional talent using Coub to her advantage is Chemical Sister. Her drawings have the detail of fine art, and these drawings are augmented with simple but beautiful animation. The musical accompaniments are really well chosen too – the surreal but melodic electronic and acoustic sounds really harmonize with the strangeness of the animations.

Another animator of oddness is Max Litvinov. Max demonstrates how Coub can be used to create psychedelic moving wallpapers that – in the case of the coub below – march on and on and on.

Again, with the right choice of music, the animator can really bring their ideas to life and keep viewers’ eyes fixed to the screen.

If you’re an animator and want to quickly get your work viewed by thousands (or more), Coub is an obvious choice. The instant feedback from other coubists will give you a sense of what strangers think of your work, and this can be a real confidence-boost (if that’s necessary). Build a strong reputation on Coub and your channel could even be part of your portfolio, to be shown to potential employers or producers. It’s hard to imagine the employer who wouldn’t be impressed by the channels mentioned above. Of course, there are plenty of coubs dedicated to animations which are already famous. But these are of obvious interest to animators too: as we mentioned above, when clips are looped we have time to really take in all the details, and also think carefully about rhythm and timing. There are channels dedicated to Anime, Adventure Time, Family Guy, and loads more.

We see Tom and Jerry in a whole new light when they’re coubed:

So, whether you’re an animator who wants to reach a potential audience of millions, or just get inspired by masters of the craft, get coubing.

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Take a look at the new page for featured channels. There are about ninety channels to choose from and more are being added. It’s already incredibly diverse - from Anime to Animals, or monochrome to VHS & Glitch. We’re also featuring coubists who’ve built strong followings with a steady stream of quality coubs.

Follow any channels which seem enticing and your eyes and ears will thank you for it.

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